When you visit us here at Presidio Dental, you may see our dental team use an intraoral camera. This is a small device we use to capture photos of your teeth to view them more closely. After we examine these images, Dr. Jesse Engle will discuss potential treatments or hygiene instructions to follow to improve your oral health. Call us today at 520-744-7388 to schedule a consultation with our dentist and learn more about intraoral cameras in Tucson, Arizona.

Intraoral cameras are a small, pen-shaped camera used to examine your teeth and mouth. Their primary purpose is to provide a closer and more detailed look inside your mouth, capturing high-quality color images of your teeth, gums and other oral structures to offer a level of precision and clarity unlike any other imaging technology. The compact size and flexibility of this camera allows our dentist to access angles and areas that are otherwise impossible or very challenging to observe, making it much easier to diagnose and provide treatment for dental problems.

One of the key advantages of intraoral cameras is their diagnostic capabilities. Our dentist and team use these cameras to identify dental issues such as tooth decay, periodontal disease and tooth damage such as cracking or chipping. This early detection not only ensures prompt treatment but also minimizes the risk of more extensive and costly procedures down the line.

Intraoral cameras also improve patient education, allowing you to see exactly what is happening in your mouth and gain a better understanding of your oral health and treatment plan. Images captured by an intraoral camera can also be shared with other dentists, specialists and insurance companies, streamlining communication between doctors to ensure better overall care and simplifying the insurance claims process.

We welcome you to contact us today to schedule your appointment with our dentist and find out more about how intraoral cameras benefit you!